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3D Printable HEPA Face Mask

3D Printable HEPA Face Mask



**All models are in Millimeters**

Printing Instructions Below

This 3D printable model is FREE for anyone who wants to either print it themselves or knows someone with a 3D printer who can print it for them.   

For all of you who do not have access to a 3D printer, I am in the process of getting these HEPA face masks into production.  They will be FREE for anyone who wants one.  However, donations would be greatly appreciated to help offset the material costs. 


Detailed Printing Instructions

If you would like to PRE-ORDER a mask that we are working on to produce, you can place that pre-order here.  We are offering them for FREE for the time being while donations continue however we do ask that the recipient covers shipping costs. We have decided to ship all orders (even if you are local to us) to abide by the 'Social Distancing' guidelines set by the CDC and the Federal Government.

Thank you for your understanding while I am trying to get this going on a larger scale.

Donations are accepted HERE.


For the prototype shown, I printed on a desktop FDM 3D printer using PLA filament. Layer height can vary depending on preference however I printed at a 0.3mm layer height. All parts are PLA with support material turned on.

Model is in Millimeters. Make sure your slicing software is in MM before importing to ensure proper scaling.

All parts are designed to be a tight 'snap' fit. If parts are too tight when assembly, some hand sanding might be needed.

Parts needed to be printed:

1 x Face Mask

2 x Filter Bases

2 x Filter Covers

Other materials needed:

Filter Paper Element (HEPA or MERV 13 Rated) 

Single-sided Foam Tape

Elastic Cord


Filter material needs to be cut into a 1"x1" square and mounted between the Filter Base and Filter Cover.  All 3D printed parts are designed to clip together without need for any additional tools or fasteners.

3D Printable HEPA Face Mask

3D Printable HEPA Face Mask3D Printable HEPA Face Mask Assembly