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One-off Wheels

Sparc Industries

Pricing starts at $7,500.00 per set.

Our one-off wheels are design and machined specifically to the customers request and fitment to their vehicle. We work directly with the customer, whether it is the car builder or car owner, to design a wheel that will fit their vision and the overall 'look and feel' of their project. Once the design finalized and signed off by the customer, we begin to machine the wheels that will be a true one-of-a-kind for their one-of-a-kind vehicle. We can machine wheels up to 24" diameter and up to 18" wide with endless offsets or backspacing. 

Pricing is based on several different factors including size, staggered fitment, design, finish and construction type (1, 2, or 3 piece wheels). The options and designs is truly endless when it comes to a one-off set of wheels.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and to get a customized price quote.