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Equipment at Sparc Industries

We have a wide variety of CNC and Metrology/Reverse Engineering equipment to tackle many different processes.

CNC Manufacturing:

DMG Mori DMU 65 FD Monoblock Universal 5 Axis

Capabilities include: 5 axis milling and turning
Max milling volume: 28.9" (L) x  25.6" (W) x  22" (H)
Max turning volume: 24" diameter x 19.7" (H)

DMG Mori MILLTAP 700 (x2)

Capabilities include: 3 and 4 axis milling
Max part size: 36" (L) x  16.5" (W) x  11" (H) **possibly longer length

HAAS ST-15Y Lathe

Capabilities include: 4 axis turning with live tool milling
Max part size: 16.5" diameter x 12" (L)
2.5" Barfeed capacity

KUKA KR-16 Robotic Arm

Capabilities include: 6 axis mill of lightweight materials
Max arm reach: 63.38" from base center point
Attachments include: Milling spindle head, Industrial 3D printing head, Parts gripper for machine tending (high volume production).
Applications: milling of dense foam moulds, mockup parts, wooden parts, plastic panels (automotive interior panels)

Metrology / Reverse Engineering:

FARO Laser ScanArm HD 9ft

Capabilities: Single point metrology grade measuring, Metrology grade 3D Scanning
Volumetric Accuracy:
Single Point +/- .0016in 
3D Scanning +/- .001in
Single Point +/- .0011in 
3D Scanning +/- .001in

3D Printing:

Ultimaker 2+

Capabilities: FDM 3D printing 
Build volume (for single print): 8.8" (L) x 8.8" (W) x 8.1" (H)
Standard Materials (not limited to): PLA plastic

Peopoly Moai

Capabilities: SLA 3D printing 
Build volume (for single print): 5.1" (L) x 5.1" (W) x 7" (H)
Standard Materials (not limited to): Photopolymer Resin