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Sparc Industries

Regular price $639.00

Since this is a new product, we are working to ramp up production. Our goal is to have all product options in stock but currently have a varying lead time due to both demand and material supplier delays. We are currently trying to ship within 8-12 weeks but due to supply chain interruptions and depending on options, lead times could be longer.


Our Spindle steering wheel is among the premier steering wheels offered on the market for its design and quality. Apart of Sparc Industries 'Driver Series', the Spindle steering wheel design is clean and refined with unique options available for this billet steering wheel price point. 

With an external, bolt-on column adapter that follows the hub shape, this design is a flatter profile to have a more sporty feel. This 14" inch steering wheel comes with the choice of grip style and has the option for a hand stitched full leather wrap.  

While utilizing the standard 6x70mm steering wheel bolt pattern, this steering wheel can fit many different adapters available on the market. Our 'Driver Series' adapter, manufactured in-house at Sparc Industries, form fits the steering wheel design and features our Hub Sleeve that helps to refine the fit and finish on most all universal aftermarket steering columns.


Steering Wheel

Grip Style choice

Horn Button Assembly

Column Adapter 

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