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One-off '40 Ford Grille

Posted by Jonathan Peace on

Recently, we had the privilege to work with Chris and Angela Church to design and cnc machine a custom grille for their '40 Ford custom pickup. A recurring theme seen throughout the build is a hexagon pattern such as in the interior, engine compartment and all the badges around the truck. To the Churchs' request, we took the geometry of the handmade grille that they had built to fit the lines of the hood and fenders, 3D scanned it using our in-house Faro ScanArm and redesigned the new grille with this same hexagon theme.

From there, we were able to build an accurately dimensioned 3D computer model (CAD model) of the new design. Once the design was given the final approval from the Churchs, we were then able to put the HUGE chunk of 6061-T6 Aluminum on our 5-axis CNC machine and start the machining process.  

This piece of aluminum started out weighing around 715lbs and pushing the build volume of our 5-axis to the limit. A lot of material was removed to reveal the part inside.  About 18 hours of machining later, the part was done.

Once we had finished the grille part, we sent it out to Oregon to be painted black and installed on the truck. 

A huge Thank You to Chris and Angela Church for your business. We hope you enjoy your 'new' truck and build a lot of great memories with it from now on.