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***UPDATE 5/6/2020*** WE PASSED!

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We are NOT stating that our product is considered an N95 product nor that it has any sort of approvals or certifications.  This product is NOT FDA APPROVED nor NIOSH Certified and is to be worn with caution and at users own risk. By purchasing this product you agree to wear at your own risk. 

   Today, May 6th, I went down to one of the local hospitals, Christus Trinity Mother Francis here in Tyler, Texas to go through a 'Fit Test'.  This test is performed by the occupational health department to test all hospital employees to make sure the masks have a proper seal with absolutely no leaks. 

    The process is pretty simple.  They use an aerosol spray that has a very pungent smell and taste to it. The particles of this spray are extremely small and is for specifically testing of N95 masks.  If the smell or taste of this aerosol is experience while wearing the mask, the mask has an improper seal and fails the test.  If this leak occurs in the controlled environment, it will be impossible to breathe therefore the test will have to end prematurely. 
    First, the RN had me smell and taste the spray without the mask so I would know what to look for during the test.  It was a terrible taste and made me cough some.  Next he had me put the mask on and he placed a hood over my head and onto my shoulders to form the controlled environment.  With the hood in place, he had me go through seven different breathing exercises while he sprayed the aerosol into the hood ten (10) times for each exercise.  He said if the mask leaked or the filters were not good enough to block the spray, I would not be able to stay under the hood.  
    As the exercises were performed, I did not smell or taste the aerosol spray at all and was able to successfully complete the 'Fit Test'. This test is specific to the testing of the N95 masks to determine that the filter material is adequate enough along with the seal to the users face being absolute.